Our Christian Roots

We are aware that the use of ‘Christian’ in our organisation’s name engenders differing responses; not all positive, which we fully understand! The organisation was established by and continues to be part of, and supported by the local Christian community; however we positively seek to, and indeed do, work and learn with staff, clients and communities from all faiths and none. The intention of those from the Christian Community is not to proselytise but to work in ways that express our belief in a God who is passionately concerned for all life and particularly for groups on the margins of our communities. We work to grow inclusive communities of compassion and hope, equality and justice; the priorities that we see profoundly expressed in the life and teaching of Jesus.


For those wanting a little more theology


In our vision, mission and values we’ve tried not to use ‘religious’ or ‘churchy’ language as we know such language can be a barrier to engagement and conveys little meaning to those who have had no connection with it.


At our core is a deeply held commitment to follow the agenda of Jesus we see set out in the Gospels. In this we see the passionate presence and activity of God in our world and communities, calling ‘all people and all things’, to become the world that God intends. Jesus uses the concept of the Reign (Kingdom) of God to describe this and invites us to participate in and with its realisation.  


Our Scriptures tell us that compassion (love) is the means and medium for us to participate in realising God’s reign; compassion that embraces the world, recognises its ‘value and potential’ and the ‘connectedness’ of ‘all people and things’.   The first movement of our work is therefore presence and listening, being committed to neighbour-hoods, local communities of geography, interest and concern. Here we learn with others, seeking the signs of God’s workings with which to join and share. Our work endeavours, within our local communities, to counter disadvantage, exclusion, injustice and the abuse of the environment and to promote approaches that peacefully subvert the systems and powers that maintain them. These themes and approaches we see repeated throughout our Scriptures and particularly in in the life and work of Jesus.


We hope in pursuing our mission of ‘growing people and community’ to encourage encounters with the values of the Kingdom that will be transformational both for us and the people with whom we connect. And that we, in our small and fragmentary way, will participate in realising the Reign of God. 


We are currently updating our web site and will be launching this early in 2019.


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