Growing People

Growing People is our urban horticultural enterprise that works with young people and volunteers to explore sustainable, local community alternatives to growing food.


We do this by:


•Growing great food and other produce in urban contexts, using environmentally sensitive techniques to sell within our  local communities

•Growing people, with a focus on supporting young people towards employment, through horticultural training

•Growing community by bringing people together around growing, eating and celebrating food 


The heart of our project will be our Urb farm based in Wolverton:


•A place for growing: a highly productive market garden growing food and other produce in using environmentally        sensitive methods

•A place for learning: an outdoor classroom where people from all walks of life and all sections of the community can  re-connect with the land and learn the skills and benefits of growing food, exercise and healthy eating

•A place for meeting where the community can meet , grow, eat and celebrate

•A place for sharing: a flagship project that shares its produce and approach with the local and wider community




We are currently updating our web site and will be launching this early in 2019.


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